Guidelines / Instructions Boys Hostel

Guidelines for Allotment of Hostel Seat

  1. Getting admission in any academic program of the University does not construe the right and privilege to claim for provision of hostel residence.
  2. Provision of hostel accommodation to each and every student who gets admission in the University and belong to far flung areas and intend to reside in IIU Hostels is not possible for the University due to limited number of Hostels.
  3. Hostel seats are provided to the students on merit who fulfill the following criteria and requirements laid down and embodied in the Hostel Rules & Regulations duly approved by the Academic Council of the University:-
    1. Foreign students: Being bonafide students having valid study visa admitted on the basis of paper qualification.
    2. Overseas Pakistanis: Pakistan Citizens admitted from abroad admitted on the basis of paper qualification.
    3. Preference shall be given to students who are not residing or domiciled in or around a radius of 80 kilometers of the University.
    4. All other vacant seats shall be allotted on merit on first come first serve basis and offered to the students on waiting list which is determined/processed for each semester on turn basis and displayed by the provost office on website of IIU/Notice Boards.
    5. Maximum duration of hostel: BS (4 years), LLB Evening(3 Years), LLB Shariah & Law(5 Years), MA (2 years) MS/LLM (2 years) and Ph.D. (3 years).
    6. A circular for inviting applications forms from students for allotment on vacant seats is issued/displayed on notice boards and website of the IIU (IIU Hostels Portal) on turn of each semester. Seats are allotted subject to availability, first come first serve basis, waiting list issued on notice boards and website of the University.
    7. Over stay if any shall be charged @ Rs.300 per day from the date of expiry of hostel allotment.
  4. Only legitimate and legal students who have valid Hostel cards will be allowed to reside in the Hostel. IIU Day Scholar will not be allowed to stay during the night in the Hostel. If any day scholar is found staying in any room of hostel during the night, disciplinary action will be taken against him and the seat of the boarder who has permitted to accommodate him in his room in the hostel will be cancelled immediately.
  5. Seat of the boarder will be cancelled for unauthorized leave or absence from hostel exceeding a period of two weeks.
  6. No visitor other than those mentioned in the visitors list shall be allowed to meet the residents inside the hostel premises. Bonafide visitors shall have the permission to meet their relatives within the timings prescribed for this purpose.
  7. The CNIC of visitor and University card of the non-boarder student of IIUI will be kept by the Security Guard deployed at the Gate at the time of entry and will be returned at the time of exit. All such visits will be entered into the Register maintained at the Gate by the Security staff and presented to RHT daily.
  8. RHT shall ensure that no illegal student or any unauthorized person is staying in the hostel.
  9. The boarder is required to vacate the hostel seat on completion of degree duration as mentioned in clause (v) above.
  10. All types of information, circulars and notifications with regard to multiple transactions with regard to boarders are displayed on Hostel Portal on website of IIUI i.e.
  11. If any boarder has any sort of issue, problem he should record his complaint in the Register placed and maintained at Main Gate of each hostel and can ask Hostel Clerk, RHT and Assistant Director Hostels about any action or disposal on the complaint.
  12. If any boarder faces any problem he can meet Provost (Men’s Hostels) during the schedule displayed in Provost Office.
  13. Boarders can submit applications or any request in Provost Office during 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. daily and they will be issued token number of application received at window at backside Provost Office ear-marked for the purpose and can collect the application or decision thereupon on the next day from the same window.
  14. No application for allotment of hostel seat will be entertained, except as prescribed procedure narrated above.
  15. Boarders are advised to visit Hostel Portal/website of IIU and glance through the information about the hostel matters and can download the proformae required to them from website instead of visiting the offices.
  16. During filling out the new Allotment, Renewal/Extension forms for seats the students are advised to carefully read the instructions/procedures, norms, check list and guidelines mentioned on the proformae.
  17. The student himself must submit the Allotment/Renewal of seat form. No form will be entertained from any un-concerned person.
  18. All boarders are advised to strictly follow the code of ethics while staying in the Hostels. Any violation will be taken seriously and dealt as per disciplinary rules.
  19. Students visiting the offices of Hostels Management are advised to abide by the rules and regulations of University and in case of any violation of discipline, norms the concerned student will be dealt severely as per the prescribed disciplinary rules and regulations of the University.
  20. As part of essential ethical issues, the boarders will not misuse the facility of electricity, water, gas and telephone, internet etc. There are certain limitations to use electronic equipments.

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