Welcome to Girls Hostels

First of all, I warmly welcome both fresh and continuing students of International Islamic University Islamabad.
We have a mega structure of Female Hostels, consisting of seven female hostel blocks with the capacity of approx. twenty five hundred (2500) students. We always try to facilitate students and give them a homely, educational and healthy environment.
The main purpose of a boarder staying at a hostel is to study. I, therefore, urge you to devote your time and attention to your academic work. Take your lectures seriously, work on your assignments and devote yourself to further reading by spending quality time in the library.
Remember, our hostels, like any human society, are governed by rules and regulations. We try our best to create a conducive environment for you, and in return, expect that you would also endeavor to abide by the rules.
Please make sure to find some time to read your hostel rules and regulations carefully attached with your allotment forms.
Once again, I welcome all of you and wish you a happy and successful time at the IIUI. May every semester of your stay here be fruitful and memorable for you all!
Thank you!

Dr.Humaira Ishfaq
Provost Girls Hostels

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